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AI Sourced Strategies

The teacher tells the app what CCSS s/he is teaching. 

The app responds with strategies for successfully reaching students at all 5 ELPA levels. 


The app also provides resources such as downloadable graphic organizers, audio file-enhanced vocabulary lists, and demo videos of other teachers using the recommended strategy on the Teaching Channel or within the GV library.


The app sends translated messages about content to parents with simple, effective strategies for supporting work in class.


The app sends messages to  students so they have background knowledge and strategies for self-help. 

The app also sends the strategies selected for the teacher to the camera coach so it can observe the teacher's work using the recommended strategies. 

Camera Coach

The camera observes teachers and students in classroom, watching for use of strategies. 

At the end of the lesson, the app generates an exit ticket for the teacher to provide a reflection point on the strategies. What went well? What didn't go well? The same questions are asked of students.

Each strategy is rated by the teachers and students and compiled by the app to make the Global Voice community and school leaders smarter. 

Level Up

Level Up! is a research-based, participant-informed app that sends nudges around the platform to encourage users to do things that support faster, deeper language learning and better teaching for language learners. Some examples are for:

  • Students

    • Talk with native English speakers

    • Join after-school activities 

    • Check out a library book

  • Teachers

    • Learn about home culture and customs. 

    • Download and use graphic organizers

    • Download vocabulary lists with audio files

  • Everyone can give anyone a high-five for a job well done!

Earbud-based Translation

Selective use of earbud-based instant translation services can be helpful for maintaining engagement for learners, helping transitioning learners maintain a sense of confidence in a new environment, and for helping teachers working without teaching assistants. Selective use of earbuds can give both students and teachers a break from the strain of operating against a language barrier for hours at a time. 

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