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Every learner, every teacher, any language

Global Voice is an integrated technology solution supported by artificial intelligence to assist  bilingual learners and their teachers. By providing both students and teachers with dynamic, real-time differentiation strategies we can improve both language acquisition and content mastery for bilingual learners.


The Challenge

Multi-lingual learners are the fastest growing demographic in US schools. Language barriers, time constraints, gaps in teacher training and cultural disconnects prevent many MLLs from reaching their full potential. Covid-19 has been especially hard on MLLs and the need to connect with them and serve them is more urgent than ever. Check out our Summer Stakeholder Sessions report!


The Solution

Working with input from students, parents, and educators, Global Voice is developing prototype solutions that can support students and teachers remotely, in classrooms or online. From the Summer Stakeholder Sessions, sponsored by 4.0 Schools we learned the solution has to be:

  • Right-sized

  • Just-in-time

  • No friction accessibility

  • Immediately impactful

  • Relationship building



Global Voice is recruiting teachers, parents, students and administrators for focus group sessions. Help us realize the dream!  Use the email form to let us know you're interested and we will add you to our mailing list for updates. 

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